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    Toronto’s Eric Inspektor is a veteran of the financial services and lending industry. A combination of expertise and decades of management experience is what has shaped Eric’s lengthy and multifaceted career in the space.


    Today, Eric is the Co-founder and senior underwriter at CORFinancial Corp., a boutique merchant bank that focuses on providing structured advice on asset based financing to small and medium sized businesses in need of growth capital. Eric’s prime focus is on ensuring that viable companies flourish. As such, CORFinancial views independent companies in a more empathetic way than a larger institution, and many consider Eric a partner in achieving growth, as they’re able to get a short-term loan when it’s most needed.

    Born in South Africa, Eric Inspektor attended the University of Witwatersrand to study accounting. For two and a half years, he interned at an accounting firm in Johannesburg and completed his year of military service in the South African Air Force.

    Eric earned his entrepreneurial start by operating and expanding his family’s wholesale/retail liquor business until he emigrated to Canada in 1985. With a prior background in accounting, Eric attained his qualifications as a mortgage broker in 1987.


    In 1988, Eric founded his first business and established a unique structure where 3 banks provided direct financing to fund its transactions. At the peak, these facilities aggregated in excess of $50 million. All transactions funded through this structure were successful with zero losses or defaults. Through his expertise, Eric also established a direct lending facility of $6 million with BMO to fund mortgage transactions.


    Under Eric Inspektor’s leadership, his investment bank has funded and re-structured numerous transactions including hi-profile larger re-financings and invested in a number of turnaround opportunities, all of which were successfully sold as going concerns.


    Outside of his work, Eric Inspektor is heavily involved with community organizations such as the Jewish National Fund, where he and his family helped build a park for handicapped children in Israel, and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, where he organized a golf tournament called “Friends of Starlight” which raised over $150 thousand over a 3 year period.

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